The above is a view of The Cloisters from the room, which is on the fourth floor. I think the fourth floor is the best height. The third floor is still too low, and the fifth floor is a little bit too high when you walk from the ground floor to the fifth floor. This building has an elevator in good condition.

This room has two windows on the south side. So the sunshine enters the room in the afternoon, and it is possible to do sunbathing without going to beach. 

This room has a window on the east side, too. When this window and the two windows on the south side are open in summer, cool wind usually enters the room.

The ceiling light of this room is splendid. 

There is a closet in front of the door of the room. Because the closet is not inside the room and the room has only one door, this room can accommodate much more furniture than you think. This is a valuable benefit of this room. I think you understand that if a room has a closet inside it, it must be avoided to place furniture before the door of the closet.